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ACF consulting foresters are independent professionals who manage forests and market forest products for private woodland owners, called upon by landowners across the country to advance their forestland ownership goals. 

ACF members are the gold standard of forest consultants because every member adheres to the organization’s comprehensive Code of Ethics, a requirement for membership.  In addition, members meet stringent educational, experience and professional reference requirements. 

We work to give people the tools they need to be effective stewards of America's forests. Privately owned woodlands are vital to our country's clean water and air, wildlife habitat, recreational activities, and producing the jobs, wood, and paper products we all need.

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The Texas Accredited Forester Council serves as a designation of the highest caliber natural resource professional - assuring forest landowners that their accredited forester has met rigorous education, experience, and ethics standards. The accredited forester upholds a responsibility to manage natural resources sustainably for current and future generations of Texans, adheres to scientifically proven practices, and maintains professional development education and training.

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